Cosmic Oceans EP (Extended Version)

by Sun Glitters (feat. Steffaloo)

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Music by Sun Glitters
Lyrics by Steffaloo


We were laying on a blanket under a sea of black staring up the sky and holding hands. You leaned over and gently kissed my neck and I could feel your breath move through me. A storm had just ended and the grass was still wet and the two of us could still smell the rain hovering. We started to get cold as the light wind blew in and wound up holding each other close. We had been waiting so long for this moment to come and finally after all of this time our dreams were becoming reality here underneath the stars. Our lips sealed in a kiss and that night I fell in love under a vast expanse of cosmic oceans.

(Via Good Pop, Bad Pop)


Lovely buzzing sounds from Luxembourg’s Sun Glitters, two minutes of tiny drums and wave-wash wrapping up airy backing vocals from LA’s Steffaloo. It’s not a complicated song, it’s not a thinker. It’s a good way to pass the time, a good way to clear your head, a springtime sweatshirt when your not sure if a jacket is enough.

(Via Fader)


Here’s a brand new tune by Luxembourg beat wizard Victor Ferreira aka Sun Glitters whose first few tracks made some astonishing and well-deserved blog rounds lately. Cosmic Oceans is another sundrenched (sorry), dense and absolutely sample-heavy electronic gem, only this …

(Via No Fear Of Pop)


released April 11, 2011


all rights reserved


Track Name: Cosmic Oceans
cosmic oceans

raise your head to the sky
you know we are alive
one burst, and we are breathing.. breathing

drop down your anchor dear
you know we are not lost
the sea it makes us free.. free
Track Name: Yesterday's weakness
yesterday's weakness

oh we didn't want it to be this way
when our hearts feel they just can't carry on
we pick up the pieces and it's ok
cuz we know, it's the weakness of yesterday

oh we didn't want it to be this way
when our eyes can't seem to find what's right
but we rise with the sun and it's ok
cuz we know, its' the weakness of yesterday