It's Snowing And The Girls Are Singing

by Sun Glitters

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Loving I am loving across the abyss breathing in each new moment nothing stays the same release the dragon of alchemy & purification I am accepting the challenges moving into harmony everything is changing realize the love is all there is infinitely nothing separates us we are one in creations song I am opening my hearts perception trusting in life always in the flow remember the story is what we believe into being as I loosen the shock waves of ancient sorrow into the chasm deep, deep into the abyss A love poem by JemInEye 2012
Come hear let me whisper in your ear It’s clear that we’ve got something going on my dear *You know I wanna know Is it what you want is it what you like Is it what you need Tonight We can do anything anything I’m here to stay Is what you like is what want is what need tonight Is it what you like is it what you want tonight This is not like me You hit me like lightening
Run baby run Get far away from me Got glitter in my hair And diamonds in my teeth but its never enough Oh Set me on fire
you sit down and watch me as i sleep you think that you want me you put your hand gently on my cheek and you think that you want me but you don't
Finnish: Koskaan ehkä enää, en niin yksin jää. Koskaan, Koskaan ehkä enää en niin yksin jää. English: Never maybe ever, will I be left so alone, Never, Never maybe ever, will I be left so alone.
"breathe in my light don't be frightened by the wave of it"
Finnish: Surullinen on sieluni mun on, sydämeni sininen on, surullinen oon, pientä satuttaa mua, surullinen oon. English: Soul of mine it is regretful, my heart is blue, sad I am, so small it is hurting me, sorrowful I am.
if you wake up and you find yourself alone the world it will keep turning just hold on even when your strength is gone the world it will keep turning turning the world it will keep turning (repeat) so when you find yourself alone and all your strength is gone we keep turning turning


This is a collaboration album produced between
January 2012 and December 2012.


released December 24, 2012


Thanks to all the brilliant voices who brought
all the magic into all these tracks!


Thanks to Steffaloo, CoMa, Deborah, Charlee, Anna-Maria, Bee, Nicole and Allison for taking part to this great sound ceremony! <3

Wish you all the best!


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